About T Shanell

One day after repeating another toxic cycle Tamara Shanell decided enough was enough! She set her sights on a journey to discover herself and the meaning of life. While navigating the way through she became an ordained minister, author and inspirational teacher and developed programs, books and other essential tools to help other’s on their path as well. She is destined to becoming one of the most influential thought leaders and spiritual teacher of our time!

Dedicated to facilitating the growth and evolution of human consciousness, Tamara Shanell has started creating a body of work that spans over the last decade and includes published books, online courses, CDs, television, radio and stage performances.

A woman of passion, vision, and purpose, Tamara embodies a no-nonsense approach in her message and teaching style. Outspoken, transparent, truthful, and wise, she is a living testament to her Journey to self and how to awaken the God within. Whether online or on stage, she speaks from experiences that connect with her audiences struggle. Tamara uses humor and straight talk to deliver her consistent message of knowledge of self, authentic self love, forgiveness and living your bliss life.

There is no better arena in which to experience Tamara’s dynamic presence as teacher and spiritual guide than in one of her regular weekend retreats at Medissage centers or The HealingChamber Academy for Spiritual Development. As Founder of The Healing Chamber Academy Tamara is actively engaged in personal development courses and on-going training programs for spiritual life coaches, and metaphysical practitioners.

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